Do I Have an Anger Issue Disorder?

We cannot diagnose whether you do or do not have an anger issue disorder. However, we can provide information on what an anger issue disorder is and looks like, and from there, you can seek help should you need it.

What is an Anger Issue Disorder?

An anger issue disorder can also be known as an intermittent explosive disorder (IED). Which, in short, is resorting to rage for no reason and without a trigger. Such outbursts are out of proportion to the situation at hand. Whilst anger is a natural response to a threat, it becomes a problem when you struggle to control it. Therefore, this can lead to many words and actions that later lead to regret.

What Causes Anger Issue Disorders?

Many factors can trigger anger; anxiety, stress, financial and family problems. Anger alone is not a disorder, but it is a symptom of other mental health conditions. Such causes of anger issues are:

Are There Different Types?

Yes. Anger can present itself in many ways. However, expressing anger is not always, in the same way, each time. Anger issue disorders come in three types. These three types are: outward, inward and passive.

Anger is obvious. Behaviour includes shouting, cursing, throwing or breaking things.

When anger is directed at yourself, for example, this could be denying what makes you happy. Furthermore, it could include denying your basic needs such as food and talking negatively about yourself.

This involves subtle and indirect ways to express your anger. Examples of this are sulking, sarcastic remarks or giving someone the silent treatment.

What does it feel like?

Having an anger issue disorder means that you will feel these experiences regularly. For example, you may have anger issues if:

There are ways to manage your anger, such as support groups and relaxation techniques. However, if you feel this anger on an extreme level, this may not help. If you feel these signs are something you experience often, it could be time to speak to someone professionally.

Read on for our top tips to help manage anger.

Written by guest writer

Nicole Foulkes

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